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WNC CARRY started with NC Conceal Carry Classes back in 2006, since then we have added numerous classes built around the needs of our customers. We offer classes from the Basic Firearms 101 Safety/Cleaning Classes for those wanting to learn how to care for the newly purchased firearms, to intermediate and advance level training classes. WNC CARRY specailizes in Firearms and Self Defense for the General Public and Law Enforcement. Protective Services is what we do, we can handle all your training needs, please contact us at john@wnccarry for more information.

WNC CARRY can be fully mobile with many of our classes, should you need or want to host a class or even if you’re a local business wishing to give your employees something different, like increased work productivity through team building, just give us a call. We have a strong background in Team Building classes, these make a vast difference in employee attitude and helps encourage a harmonious working environment.

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At WNC CARRY, we know that men seem to overlook and leave out the women in the training groups, we specialize in "Female" training, from firearms to self-defense, women have a unique set of differences and we fully understand, from drawing a hand gun through building a stronger self-reliance. We offer "Female Only" classes and encourage them, frankly some of our better shooters are female, and they haven't learned the "wrong" ways so it’s easier to have shooting correctly in no time. :)

So please do not let the "Men Only Club" scare you off, we hope to see you at one our classes and remember “the best of men stand in front of an even better woman!

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Popular Classes & Items

Our NC Concealed Classes are one our most popular; everyone has their reasons from self-protection to the ease of being able to buy future handguns. Classes are scheduled at once a month and pre-registration is highly recommended to reserve a seat in the class. With the Dec 2011, then in 2013 law changes and the ever tightening of polices, we emphasize strongly the legal issues to ensure you have the correct knowledge to make an informed decision should the need arise to use deadly force.
More and more popular becomes our "Inside the Home" classes, where we discuss the how to's and why not's of inside your home survival. We cover in great detail "cover vs. concealment", best and worst case scenarios, even give insight into better protection yourself and family in case the need warrants self-protection by force, we practice several techniques that help hone your skills. This is a “Force on Force” (FOF) training class.
"Outside the Home" classes are moving up in demand, we show students tactics that will prepare themselves for situations on the outside, in the public. Where is the better place to be? What can I do or should I do? Techniques that truly help, we open their eyes to items that they overlook. This is a (FOF) class and force will be used in the training.

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